We’re SmartGuys Design. We’re into building beautiful bold websites & providing the highest quality and support.


Here’s What We Do:

Built-to-Order Design

Our web design professionals build customized websites tailored for your business. When you look good, we look good!

Secure Hosting

With automated data backups to protect your investment.

Stellar Support

Prompt email and phone support. You can even text us.

Quality Guarantee

Our web design professionals set a high bar to ensure your complete satisfaction.

SEO Included

The websites our web design professionals build are ready to be found, and promoted.

Domain Management

We’ll handle everything to get your new domain or transfer your existing domain.

Affordable Pricing

Beauty, brains and one-on-one interaction all without breaking the bank.

Real-World Testing

Our website design professionals make sure your website looks great on every device.

Post-Launch Measurements

Detailed metrics show us what your visitors are looking for, and whether they find it.

High-End Resources

From designer fonts to our private library of digital goodies – we’ll make sure your website looks great.

Business Cards, Brochures, & More

We can help generate anything additional you may need such as business cards, brochures or letterhead.

Generally speaking, here’s how Our Process works:

First, we talk
We Like To Get Along Well

The most important thing is that we first get to know one another and establish a good working relationship. Because website construction is a process by which materials and feedback is exchanged with one another, it’s important we can communicate properly.

Our first meeting is to identify your needs, understand your business, and determine how we can best help. If we don’t have the proper solution, we’ll tell you that.

We send you a proposal and a contract
We Like To Keep Things Legit.

If we think we might be a good fit for one another, we prepare you a proposal based upon our initial discussions. The proposal outlines exactly what your needs are, and how our proposed solution will address those needs. Included is an objective list of goals to be achieved by the end of the project, as well as the total cost.

If there are any problems with the proposal or the objectives, we will discuss and revise until it’s dialed in. At this point, a contract is drafted which includes the proposed solutions and deliverables. A 50% deposit for the project is secured as a retainer for our time for your project when the contract is signed. We are now your go-to web team.

Then we start gathering materials
Materials Collection Makes the Difference Between Success and Failure

Before any website construction takes place, we start gathering materials. These include preferences on color, themes, design likes and dislikes, etc. We will ask for digital copies of your logos and any current branding or marketing materials. If you’re starting something new, this also involves researching domain names. Copy text (content) can be submitted at this time.

In this phase, we are taking all of the ingredients of what will be your future website, and preparing them. The better the quality and preparation of the materials going into the website, the better the final product.

We determine a design
Let Us Use Our Creativity!

Now it’s time to get serious about your new design. With the information obtained through our info-gathering process, we carefully select and purchase a newly-released high-quality designer theme.

We then tailor and modify these designs to fit your business image and business needs. Consider the process similar to helping you find the best suit possible, and tailoring it to fit you (except that building a website takes a lot more time than tailoring a suit). If we created the suit from scratch by growing the plants, processing the fiber, spinning the cloth, dying the cloth, sewing the suit, and so on, we’d have to charge an arm and a leg, and would take years to finish!

By being resourceful, plugging into the industry and obtaining the right quality ingredients, we can deliver a high-quality website at an affordable rate.

Time to start building & revising
We Build it Pro-Style!

Once we settle on a design together, we start website construction. We work with you to guide your content creation, and, if needed, we help with copy text (although depending upon the volume, additional fees may apply). This process involves you a great deal, in terms of sharing our construction with you, and having your feedback help guide us to our final destination. Every client is different; some wish to be more or less involved – the choice is yours.

Our ultimate goal is to give our clients plenty of opportunity to help direct the course of their website throughout the process.

We launch & support you
After our final review, we launch the website and collect final payment. They'll Oogle You!At this time your website “goes live” is made public to search engines everywhere. We take care of keeping your website up-to-date, monitoring backups and performing network maintenance even after launch. We stay connected and answer your questions. You’re a part of our family now and we care about your success. When you have a question, come to us. When you’re stuck with something, come to us. We’re in the game of helping you succeed.
Others will 'Ooh' and 'Ahh' over your new site

You’ll have to go through hearing lots of complements and flattering comments on your beautiful new website. It’s a tough world, we know… Remember it’s okay to brag a little, and you can even mention our name if you want, but don’t toot your own horn too much. Humility is a virtue.

We want you to love your new website and be proud to show it off. We guarantee quality and care.


What Our Clients Say

SmartGuys Design is very professional, knowledgeable and intellectual. They serve their profession well. They definitely are our go to people first and foremost. It is our pleasure to continue working with them.
Cathy Bellafiore, Skin Care by DrB
The SmartGuys Design team did an amazing job with my website. They incorporated my ideas and used their creativity and expertise to provide a cost-effective website that is an invaluable tool for my business. I would definitely recommend SmartGuys Design.
Troy Smith, Veracity Valuation
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Left to Right: Tim, Kyle (for creative guidance), Lucas. Circa: 1998.

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