Our first meeting will primarily focus on learning about you and your business. In order to build the best possible website, we must first understand what information your typical customers are seeking from your website. We will then create a list of objectives for your new website. We will revisit these many times throughout the process, so you’ll end up with a website built with your customers in mind.

At our first meeting, we will likely start the requirement gathering process. During this stage we’ll ask you for your logo files, artwork and any additional content you may have. We’ll develop a list of other resources and content we may need.

Finally, we will work with you to develop attainable goals and a strategy for measuring the performance of your new website. We will also determine a project schedule and deadlines, both for us, and for you. We rely on your timely feedback to complete your project on-time and within your budget.

We’re now ready to begin designing your new website!