A CMS or Content Management System is a software system that allows users to publish, edit, and modify content on a website. Different Content Management Systems have different features and capabilities. At SmartGuys Design, we primarily use the WordPress CMS. WordPress is great for our clients because it allows them to easily make changes and additions to their websites, without the need to hire us every time the content needs to be changed. While we always stand-behind the websites we build and are happy to help our clients make any changes the need, WordPress gives each client the flexibility to make immediate changes to their website when it’s convenient. Using WordPress, we can also create a structured system with different permissions for different users. Your sales staff can have access to edit the sales pages of your website, while your technical support staff can have access to edit the support pages. Executives can be granted access to edit any aspect of the website, while interns and new employees can be given access only to approve or delete comments from website visitors.

The bottom line is that we can plan, develop, and customize a CMS-based website to fully meet the needs of you and your business.