Hiring a web designer is an important decision. These people will be trusted with your most valuable asset: your business’s online representation. They are the ones building and crafting your virtual brick-and-mortar, choosing the colors and shapes to go on the walls, and effecting the opinions of your visitors. Not to mention, through the website building process, your designer gains inside-information about your business itself.

We at SmartGuys Design work to truly understand the importance of this position. We believe in trust and respect; we respect your privacy by keeping your information entirely confidential. Secondly, we want you to look your best, we want you to be proud of your website, and we want you to be happy about our services. It doesn’t make us feel very good if you don’t like your website and are disappointed. Thus we work to deliver our absolute best.

When hiring a web designer here’s what you really ought to be asking:

Can my web designer communicate properly with me? Can we get along?

Building a website requires a volleying of information and an exchange of ideas. If you are having a “difficult relationship” with your designer, odds are further down the road it may get even worse. Choose a designer you can get along with and communicate well with. This will be crucial for your end success. At SmartGuys, we thrive on consistent and timely communication.

Does my web designer’s own website look any good?

If your designer does not have a website that to you personally is visually appealing, or, if their work is not reflective of your tastes, then bail now, as this reflects upon your future product. We think we have good taste, and consider ourselves classy.

Do my web designers keep things from me? Do they hide my rights to my digital assets? Do they keep me in the dark about web concepts in order to capitalize financially on my missing knowledge?

Believe it or not, this happens to a lot of people. A lot of web designers thrive on keeping people “hooked” either by holding ownership of their digital assets (their web files and their domain), or by keeping them baited on nickel-and-diming pricing strategies by keeping them ignorant. Make sure you understand if you can gain access to your domain if you choose to leave, and if you can have access to your web files before you pay someone large sums of money.

With us, your domain can be transferred from us at anytime, and your web files are yours if you want them. We are clear about our pricing and prefer larger packages that are more-inclusive, over hammering you with options which add-$-up over time. If needed, we do provide long-term maintenance packages, bundled and priced for personal needs.

How difficult will it be to edit my website later on? Do I have to route every little change through my designer?

Understanding your use of your website is important; if you anticipate making a lot of changes, make sure when choosing a web designer that your website is constructed in a manner which allows for that. When we design our websites at SmartGuys Design, we keep your common use in mind. Some areas of your website can be more code-complex than others, but we work to set you up for success. If there are areas that will require frequent user-end updating, we can provide that for you.

Will my website appear on the top of Google and other search engines? What if my web designer promises this? What should I be asking about ‘SEO’?

One thing that is important to understand, is that search-engine rank is a product of many things. Often it is a combination of on-site SEO practices (good coding semantics), and off-site strategies (such as backlinking, social media use, and pay-per-click strategies). Be weary of anyone promising you a #1 ranking. This often takes great deals of time and a high-spending pay-per-click budget. Some very large traffic websites, for example, will spend up to $1.5K a month on Google Adwords alone. So one must be realistic when beginning their web endeavors.

Traffic takes time, and the best foundation is quality content and hard work in self-promotion and other forms of marketing. Pay-per-click budgets are helpful if you have a lot of capital to put towards an online advertising campaign, but for those just starting out, keep yourself realistic about your goals. This is not discourage the beginnings of a great website, but rather to ensure that one fully understands how page-rank is obtained on search engine results. We may do another post on this as a subject of its own entirely. At SmartGuys Design we work to inform, we work to use good coding semantics to set you up for search-engine caching (digesting by Google, Yahoo!, etc – Yum!) and good on-site SEO practices. We keep it real with you.

Really, the most important thing when choosing a web designer is really making sure you go with someone you like and can get along well with. Someone whom has strong examples of work that I visually find appealing, someone whom is honest and truthful with me about what they provide and are clear on their pricing.

At the end of the day, it’s like any other service-provider in your life: you want someone who does a good job, and who you like.

We genuinely put our heart and sweat into our work, and like to think that means something in today’s world. Additionally, we try to please and really work to give our clients our very best. We hope this article helps you find the right shoe to fit your website needs! If you are considering building or re-building your website and hosting with us; we’d sure like to chat!